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When the season is over, the race between the two Manchester clubs begins.

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It was one of the Jav Rape highlights of La Liga, but last season both Pep Guardiola and Mourinho have achieved modest results in the Premier League .No matter what, these two rich strategists are still believed to be Manchester. So when the season was over, Pep Guardiola and Mourinho rushed to the transfer market to strengthen the team.
Man City is quicker. A few days ago, The Citizens announced a deal with Bernardo Silva (£ 42.5m) and goalkeeper Ederson (£ 33m).
But Mourinho is no less. The special person has recently submitted a £ 300m (£ 8.7 trillion) plan to Manchester United for four goals.
Among them, the Griezmann deal seems to be the most favorable. The French striker recently offered to leave Atletico and find a new landing.
Pep Guardiola is also speeding up. According to the Daily Mail, the Spanishman has listed four "must buy" names in the future with a total value of £ 250m (about 7.2 trillion dong) including Kylian Mbappe, Benjamin Mendy, Alexis. Sanchez and Kyle Walker.
Kylian Mbappe is expected to be the most expensive. The 18-year-old Frenchman is a "hot commodity" in Europe. Last season, he scored 26 goals for Monaco.


Bernardo Silva - New Man City rookie and former team-mate of Kylian Mbappe - says: "Mbappe? I do not think he really understands his value. He's fantastic £ 120m for him? I can not say anything more! "
Pep Guardiola's Jav Anal biggest obstacle in Kylian Mbappe's deal was Real Madrid. Royal team has a great charisma from the French like Zidane, Benzema, Varane is just ready to spend "tons of money".


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