Martial Masters challenge drunk girl porn Nam Huynh Dao: I will love aurora snow you if the martial arts are real

"If the Grand Master Nam Huynh Dao can transmit the word to another person, I will cherish him as a teacher ..." said Pierre-François Flores, a Canadian television correspondent.

Wing Ching's disciple Pierre-François Flores with Xu Xiaobo and Grand Master Huynh Tuan Kiet of Nam Huynh Dao Jav Beautiful spread to the media. Recently, a Canadian television station sent a reporter to the Wing Taiwan Porn Chun disciples of South Anh to acknowledge the incident.

Here, the master Pierre-François Flores frankly shared the amazing martial art that Master Huynh Tuan Kiet performed before the disciples: "There is a Vietnamese martial artist named Huynh Tuan Kiet. This person is capable of defeating his opponent with the same martial art as power transmission, which is far from reality, nor representative of martial arts in general. Transmits electricity like that ".

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Wing Chun Pierre-François Flores (left) responds to the media.
Last month, after watching the clip of the performance of Huynh Tuan Kiet, Master Pierre-François Flores soon expressed doubts. He presented his challenge to Vietnamese martial arts master. But seeing Master Huynh Tuan Kiet deliberately dodge, Wing Chun disciples continued to send the second war call to the head of martial arts Nam Huynh Dao.
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At this moment, we will wait to see how the Governor of Nam Huynh Dao will react because you can not escape forever in the sun.If the martial arts emit the power of the Attorney General But Huynh Tuan Kiet is real, I will become his disciple. But first I have to wear gloves first, "said Pierre-François Flores joked.

In addition, the martial arts master who came to Vietnam to exchange martial arts also gave a point of view on the battle between Xu Xiaobo and Wei Loi in April. He argued that the Tai Lue Tai emperor did not represent the whole kung-fu or Thai. Extreme right Thus, the last match, witness Wei Ling defeat in less than 10 seconds before the word understanding, do not say anything.

Also, there are a lot of students in the world, so the words of Xu Xiaobo when insulting Chinese martial arts are a bit hasty, which motivates me to challenge him. But, at this moment, Xu has not seen the answer yet, "said Pierre-François Flores.

Pierre Francois Flores is of Chilean descent, but is living in Canada. Master Flores owns the Chu Sa secondary school after 20 years of study in the Wing Chun School of South England, also known as Vietnam Wing Chun Political School.

Master Pierre Francois Flores, master of South English Masters, Wing Chun of South Wing Chun, Montreal, Canada. South Wing Chun is a branch of the Wing Chun discipline that was introduced to Vietnam in the 1900s, inherited by Jav Creampie South Anh University and after 1986, when the Rev. Nam Anh went to Montreal, the sect continued. Propagated in Canada.

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