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In fact, the Sheriff of Cali regional representative Catherine Martinez said sorry. 

He insisted: "we condemn AV full the bad behavior, in the investigation, discipline of the people involved.

The officer's identity has been confirmed, full is a member of the patrol, a person to a model police station, other personnel joint not to help her."

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Build at the police station he was forced to dance tho Y model hot "

Know Catherine Martinez, this year 27 years old, married, the mother of a child. 

In addition, you are a female model, DJ, our dance, as amateur MV. Martinez has a plump figure, strong, especially the three pile high to the gym. Build your confidence, beautiful photos are often called Columbia's bikinis website, attracted to the wheel track every day.

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Metropolis Daily News at the same time, mirror, Catherine Martinez model to the police department of Cali, Columbia Cengdeng decision to sue, because the authorities forced to witness your strip before many of the prisoners.

Beauty said, when you're drunk, only know that in accordance with the requirements of the police put handcuffs on the window." All the policemen here, I want to say, if there is a chair to sit, or unlock the handcuffs, I want to take off my clothes, showing off his body heat, "Catherine Martinez said." the south is a prisoner shout - yes, yes, please take it. "You said.

Although Catherine Martinez did not remember things, but know the impact people clap your striptease work very negative emotions to you now.

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