Don't just pee, this is what you should elf hentai do, even if he did

Sure you've heard all about ears worn must urinate right after fellatio. This work is clearly needed, but still not enough vision by sex really bring more ominous problem for reproductive health and for the whole of our comfort. You know, the inflammation and disease spread through sexual way really makes sisters take eating anxiety insomnia grief.

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After the "love", you can add a time to cuddle billion analgesic together, but don't sleep, keep up doing these things!

Wash and dry the permeability of sealed
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This basic hygiene steps wash the genital types as well as support the lubrication from the condom by this is the environment for yeast and bacteria to thrive. You can use SOAP, or a solution of caustic soda and no toilet or simply use warm water to wash from front to back and then use a clean paper towel or absorbent to dry. The toilet inside enclosed areas is not necessary because the vagina women have natural cleaning mechanisms very effectively.

Turkish bath relaxation

If there is time and not too sleepy, soak in a bath of warm water containing a little coconut oil Republic and about a dozen drops of essential oils have antiseptic properties such as tea tree or lavender. "Little girl" may be irritated by friction during fellatio should coconut oil and essential oils will help to defuse and destroy the harmful bacteria. Bruised after the bath also helps you feel clean and relax completely though then you can out or simply a guest a hug on the bed.

Drink 1 cup of water to

"It" is the same as a fitness exercise, it consumes energy and causes the body to lose water. Dehydration affects the body so if you see a dry mouth or vagina are not "smoothly" in the plating at fellatio just a glass of water after "done". Drink water at this not just to have drinks or make up water for the body but also has a special mission, then get rid of the bacteria that cause urinary tract infections out of your bladder through the ... urination.

Probiotic rich food

Yogurt, kimchi or kombucha tea mushroom, the fermented foods contain beneficial bacteria similar to that in the environment of your vagina. The habit of eating more of the foods that help replenish beneficial bacteria for "little girl" to increase resistance to the kind of yeast and bacteria that cause the inflammation.

Airy dress or not?

After urinating, hygiene and clean to remove pathogens, the last thing is choose a clean underwear by cotton and if wearing more clothes to sleep, you should choose a spacious airy type to keep the sealed dry ventilated. But that is where the best yet, if you don't mind (but also what concern after a "passionate love"?) then let's keep that going to bed only, no need to dress up what entanglement, comfortable fit back moderate ventilation for "little girl" again.

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