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While piggy in the animal's care, he NXV (in Gia Lai) accidentally gets mother attacks the lower the break left testicle.

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On 18-8, BV said Budget this successful emergency for a male patient encounters at the accident very hi. According to the patient, while he was on the pig care cages pig parents jump to bite into the crotch making him dazed and in pain, bleeding the scrotum and hospitalized at a HOSPITAL Emergency Department.

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The patient was taken to A HOSPITAL to visit in the region left scrotum pain, swelling, bruising with lacerations around 4 cm. Imaging results showed his left testicle V broke completely. According to Dr. Mai Tien Dung Count, BV, V patients were emergency surgery to the scrotum and the DR has tried to preserve part of the patient's remaining testicle. In addition the surgery also helps to prevent the risk of such as hematoma, infection spreading the scrotum, affect the remaining testicle.
It is known that the testicles as "sperm factory" and is also home to produce testosterone hormones to maintain the reproductive characteristics of males. The two testes are located in the scrotum and are composed by a thick, inelastic fibers called the white layer is very sure. Common causes of testicular rupture is caused by the wound and other sports injuries, collided directly with such force on the lower sets, car accidents, falls, crashes in living and animal bites (the most common are dogs). Rarely, cases of testicular rupture due to manually squeeze primarily detected on the mental illness.


According to a study in the United States, the risk of rupture of the testicles following an injury to the scrotum up to 50%. The rate of removal of the testicles is also increasing from 7% to more than 50% if the surgery later than 72 hours after the injury. The sick will recover faster if early detection and timely treatment of testicular trauma and wounds the scrotum.

Through this the doctors recommended when men of science and men participated in sports activities, in labor and the routine need investment protection region. If unfortunately the accident trauma to the scrotum, testicle-need to visit the hospital specializes in male faculty to be diagnosed early and timely handling


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