The symptoms russian pornstars of gonorrhea in the mouth

Gonorrhea usually on 3-5 is clearly manifested symptoms.

Question: doctor, you are male, please, let me ask: If oral gonorrhea infection in the urethra symptoms? Children in HCMC in Dermatology does not do the test in the mouth and throat so I have to do? Contraband has been rash in the tongue or the skin doctor. If I was really mouth throat gonorrhea then so long affect? Children treated for chlamydia by drinking doxycyline medication teacher porn on 2 times morning and afternoon in 10 days whether to end contraband? Looking forward to your doctor soon. I thank you, doctor.


BS. Nguyen Thi Hoa-doctor-Dong da hospital, said:
Earlier you oral intercourse, not oral sex may be infecting the sexually transmitted disease through scratches scratches on the skin and mucous membranes.

Symptoms of gonorrhea in mouth:

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Treat symptoms sweating much in the limbs, head, forehead armpits, chest back ... confident in communicating and living 20 years of "suffering" with asthma, cough Phlegm, shortness of breath because of the unknown to the Hen Leaves
-Throat and mouth redness, burning pain.

-There are white or yellow pus accompanied the sores.
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-Swelling of the lymph nodes in the throat.

Gonorrhea in mouth if not radical political tone will leave the complications such as smuggled away to the blood, heart, brain ... especially smuggled lan down testicular inflammation, vas deferens in males.

Bootleg infection in the mouth, then in the urethra may not have symptoms.

Doxycylin drugs are antibiotics are indicated in the treatment of Chlamydia, not antibiotics are indicated in the treatment of gonorrhea, so if being smuggled doxycylin will not drink mouth off, illicit.

Your doctor has diagnosed you have Chlamydia, you should continue taking medication under a physician's single off 10 days, if the symptoms above does not help you can thanks to the advice of doctors to treat gonorrhea prevention.

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